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Elementary School Learning

Ahh elementary school. It’s the formal beginning of our education; the foundation upon which each child starts to learn. There are no more important years for our students, then that of their elementary years. And there is no time of greater growth in our learning.

For the most part, elementary school years consist of Kindergarten to Fifth grade. And with our students being so young, little kids to older children, there’s a great opportunity to integrate creativity into our day-to-day. One aspect of elementary school that I love the most is being able to do fun arts-focused activities; drawing/painting/coloring, acting out a play or reader’s theatre, dressing up as historical characters whilst doing re-enactments. Plus, I can take my science and social studies lessons out of the classroom. How many of you have explored your school campus to see the leaves, grasses, or trees? Or maybe you’ve had your students see how many different bugs they can find and then draw their own versions? Really, being an elementary school teacher allows for versatility in the learning; which is the appeal to educators.

As our students start their learning in Kindergarten, play is a huge element; and showing them that playing can also mean learning. Our 1st and 2nd graders are like little sponges soaking up that learning and everything it means to be in school. Their joy at knowing something is a wonder to see. For 3rd and 4th graders, it’s a different type of joy that we get to experience, we see their personalities develop, along side their strengths and weaknesses. As their teachers, we have the chance to encourage those strengths, and assist with their weaknesses. And our 5th graders, still so young, but like baby birds leaving the nest – they are ready to stretch their wings and find those new opportunities that await them in middle school.

Ahhh elementary school. The building blocks to our children’s education, the start of it all. And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

*This article was written by Rosshalde Pak, an admin for the Tchr2Tchr blog.

Here are a few resources that are specifically designed for elementary school classrooms. We’ve gone through and looked at them individually and highly recommend them for teachers.





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