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Reaching Out to Educational Writers

This is another article from the new blog I am contributing to, Tchr2Tchr.

Reaching out, it’s what a teacher does every day. It doesn’t matter what you teach or who your students are, educators are always looking for ways to make that connection. Which is probably why there are over 300,000 users on Teachers Pay Teachers. We’re all just educators reaching out to make connections and help out other educators. And that’s exactly what we, Tchr 2 Tchr, want to do too.

And so, we are reaching out to you. Our members, viewers, colleagues, and friends.

Each Monday we are going to have a weekly article featuring a various area of education. And, to make this more of our blog, meaning our as all of TPT, we’d like to have you be a guest writer for the Tchr2Tchr blog.

So here are our parameters:

At least 100 words but not more than 500.

– That you are okay with knowing that we may need to edit

– Has to be on the subject, NOT just what products you have

– Seeing how you are writing the article you won’t be able to include a separate product; however, you will be able to include a link up to your TPT store, or website/blog of your choosing.

– It needs to be in at least 5 days prior to the post date, to give ample time to edit.

If this sounds like something you would like to do, please send an email to tchr2tchrblog@gmail.com If you have a particular area you are interested in writing about, tell us that too – we will do our best to incorporate everyone!

Now get writing!!!

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