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Teachers Pay Teachers : Website Review

Something new that I am going to be doing on this blog is to do website reviews. The title gives it away really, but it’s going to be going through the pros and cons of working with this site. If you ever have a recommendation for a site review, I’d be happy to look at it.


Teachers Pay Teachers

Here is a really fantastic resource for educators, or previous instructors. I stumbled upon it about six months ago. I consider it to be like an Ebay for educators. They call it, “an open marketplace for teachers.” Basically you can post lessons, worksheets, any education-related tools on there. Then you decide if you want to sell them for a price or for free. For each item sold, you earn money.

The two things that I love about this forum is that, one – I can find reliable and tested products from real educators. And two, that I can show my wares and creations to other teachers to earn a little extra moola.



Here is my profile on Teachers Pay Teachers



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