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What I’m Reading – February 7th

Two week ago, I wrote about the lunch programs at public schools. Since then I found three additional resources that I felt needed to be shared.

Cooking with Kids

Although this may not deal specifically with school lunches, it does deal with the food that children eat. By getting families and their children more involved in the cooking process, they are more likely to try eating new and healthy foods. Unless of course you are Jaime Oliver trying to get a group of tikes from West Virginia to NOT eat MRM. (shudder, shudder).

Hunger Free Kids Act

I like supporting my government and politicans, really I do. Unfortunately, sometimes they’re just dumb. Luckily, this bill is not dumb. Woohoo! Not only is this a new bill/act to ensure that children don’t go hungry, it also is creating federal changes to the foods served in schools. No more ketchup is a vegetable. No more french fries as a vegetable. Seriously, I love fries as much as the next person, but no, I would not considered fried anything to constitute healthiness.

Getting Kids to Combat Obesity

Genius, this idea is genius. Again, a perfect example of putting the power in the hands of the people who it affects. Childhood obesity is frightening. So instead of talking at kids and their families, why not teach the children who this epidemic affects and have them find ways to make the change. Support their ideas and encourage them too. I know that they have the real heartbeat on what is happening, because DUH, they’re kids! I guarantee you, no overweight child wants to be told that they aren’t going to live as long as their parents are.

************************************* Other Interesting Reads *********************************
Teaching Tolerance Through Social Media


Teaching Tolerance always has an article that makes its way into my teaching. These two, from the most recent issue, are them. Social Media is everywhere in all that we do (hello blog). For our students, especially our high-schoolers and college kids, they have their finger on the latest. (That’s right little sisters and brothers – I mean you three). What could be smarter as an educator, and parent, then to immerse ourselves in what our students/kids are into? And then bring about positive teachings and changes. I especially liked the dialogue with the principal and guidance counselor who see all of this social media and networking as a positive way to break down barriers, not build up bigger and taller walls.
Online Learning
As my fascination with online learning grows, the resources and materials about it grows too. I like how that works out. Here’s a local article about it, and the opportunities that are available to Oregonians. Even though I haven’t formed my complete opinion yet, I’m looking at online schooling to be very similar to the concept of homeschooling. What do you think?

Healthy Vending Machines

Never to be one to turn down chips, or Doritos (wasn’t that Superbowl Doritos commercial funny?). I do like having healthier options. Furthermore, I believe that if our school-age learners are given healthier options, that they will take them too. Although this article is more focused on the business aspect of healthy vending machines, I’m putting my attention to the ‘health’ component. I just wonder if the students will too.

Newberry Medal Winners

Woohoo for books!

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