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What I’m Reading – January 24th

Robot Rumble


I’m sure I’ve said it before, but I really love when learning is creative. There’s been talk in the past two years about how the United States’ test scores for math and science are decreasing; and that less and less of our American students are studying these two broad topics in college. I don’t know exactly why that is happening, but I do like it when I see innovative ways to bring the focus back to real learning. Last weekend, here in Oregon, a competition was held to have kids make robots for an Intel challenge. I love it! Kids are jazzed about learning whilst learning and their interest is piqued. I don’t know an educator who doesn’t hope for that each day in their room.

President Obama’s Education Agenda

Ahhh, midterm elections are over — now is the time to care again…. I know, a rather cynical view for a teacher, but I’m just over how people – scratch that, how politicians – say that they care about kids and what’s happening in the classroom yet forget to make anything happen. And now that the 2012 presidential election is looming (really looming, it’s 2 years away) skeptics wonder if President Obama is going to mandate educational reform. My favorite part of the article was the end, in which a Rep. said that everyone in politics realizes that there are serious issues with NCLB…. Umm, duh, ask a teacher and they could have told you that BEFORE you put it into law.

Thursday Round Up Video

This is a quick, fun video advertising a new blog that I am helping to administrate for Teachers Pay Teachers. Give it a look-see…don’t forget to turn the sound on.

Tchr2Tchr Blog


And here is that blog. Teachers Pay Teachers, or TPT, is a resource that I have been utilizing for a while now. I enjoy seeing teachers be able to use a variety of resources; as well as connect with other educators. That being said, I’ve joined up with a smaller group within TPT to bring a blog that highlights several areas of education. Check it out — especially since I just wrote an article for it. :-)

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