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Where’s She Been?

So, umm, where the heck have I been?


I mean, here I am, humming along with my various educational jobs and projects and then – BAM! – nothing.  Radio silence…… (do you hear the crickets chirping from the silence?)

Well, two major things happened.  The biggest is, I had my first child.  And as all of you caregivers know, those tiny tots take up so much of your free time!  But it’s just so much fun getting to know them and interact with them, that you just sort of don’t mind putting things on the back burner.

And two, my blog decided that it wanted to delete over 50 articles that I had written.  YEP.  Not the most fun day.  And so not easy to find and reconfigure.  But, oh well, I had a bottle of wine and took six months to get over that devastating discovery and now here I am.  Slowly putting it back together, and attempting to make it the great educational resource that it once was.

I know it doesn’t look as pretty and organized as it did three years ago.  Heck — half the content is gone!  Le Sigh!  But, I’m going to be working on it now, on a regular basis, to get it back to what we all want it to be.


For those of who have been following it since 2009, thanks for hanging in there during my absence.  And for those of you just finding Education ShortList – welcome, this blog has a plethora of educational information, no matter what specific area of Education you are interested in.



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